'I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU and well done for the birth preparation classes that we've just completed. Thanks Kimberley for introducing me to a different approach...its really working for me...and to think I'd not even heard of hypnobirthing before you told me about it.


I was a bit scared about the impending labour and didn't really know what to expect - but the classes and techniques you shared have removed the fear to a point that I feel confident and relaxed heading into my baby's birth and able to cope with however my labour turns out. It's completely changed the way I view birth and how I respond to the stories I hear and read surrounding birthing - I hadn't realised before how negative much of what we hear is and how that can sway your view - i feel like we've learnt a more positive approach that sits much better with me and just makes sense.


I've found the classes really positive, engaging and fun with a good mix of theory and practical approaches which has suited both me and my husband. I'm continuing to use the tools and techniques now i'm on maternity leave and feel far more in control with my birthing choices - it's also helped to really understand how my husband can support me through it too which I hadn't really considered before. To anyone thinking of taking these classes, I thoroughly recommend them!' Tara & Paul.

 'Kimberley was confident, knowledgeable and very sweet & kind.'

'The hypno birthing worked sooo well, we managed to have a water birth and had no drugs! All natural.' Sam & Chris.


'We have our little bundle of joy Toby who joined us on the 30th January - not quite as according to plan but he came safely into the world by emergency c-section but luckily he was safe and well. I have recovered really quickly, I was up and moving around within days (unlike my 1st c section, I was recovering for a long time) Toby is 3 weeks old today and he's such a calm and content baby, feeding has been going well too.. Everything is very different from my 1st birth, where we really struggled with feeding, recovering, etc so this feels very nice that everything has just fallen into place.'


Thank you so much for all your help, even though I ended up with a c section, I do feel like all the techniques you taught me really helped me to stay calm and focused throughout the whole birth and I now have a very happy little boy. There were a couple of times I felt myself starting to panic internally but I managed to snap out of it quickly and stay focused. I was trying to avoid a c section but I feel happy with the outcome in the end.' Caroline. 

'I was just wanted to say thank you once again for a wonderful class! At first we were disappointed when we heard that the Oxford class was fully booked up and we had to drive all the way to Northampton, but I must say it was worth every minute! Your class was perfect and we hope to implement what we've learned in the weeks and months to come.' Anna & Stephen.

'Just to let you know that we had a gorgeous baby girl (Felicity-Florence) on Tuesday 3rd Jan by induction. I was induced on New Years Day and Flick (as we call her) finally arrived naturally at 10am two days later. I managed to use the techniques we learnt from you in order to stay clam and ride the contractions. I only had gas and air right at the very end when Flick was actually coming out so I was incredibly proud of myself!' Chris

We attended Kimberley's mindful mamma's hynobirthing course in preparation for having our daughter, as a first time mum I was apprehensive about birth and was told many negative stories, we wanted a calm birth with no pain relief. Kimberley gave us the confidence not only for this but helped us consider a

home birth, which in the end we had. The techniques I learnt with Kimberley meant I could cope with labour and give birth very calmly fully focusing on my breathing, the midwives were so amazed at how well I was doing and were shocked after each examination at how far into labour I was and all with no pain relief. The birth experience I had was amazing I look back on it with very fond memories and crazily I can't wait to do it all again one day, I highly recommend this course to all mums to be out there as I'm sure you will have such a positive experience like we did. Our daughter is a calm and content baby who sleeps and feeds well I really believe the relaxed birth experience contributed to this, thank you so much Kimberley. Stephanie & Nathan.

My husband and I attended a hypnobirthing course with Kimberley last year in preparation to the birth of our first baby. The course was great and extremely helpful and Kimberley was knowledgeable and very engaging. We had a great day and left emprowered and very positive about the upcoming birth experience. As a result, I delivered my first baby naturally in the water and within a few hours

of getting to the hospital. Rita