This unique approach combines hypnobirthing and mindfulness techniques for birth in a practical, relaxed and informal one day workshop.


Do you and your partner want to feel confident, excited & relaxed about your baby’s birth?


Do you want to give your baby a gentle start?


Then this is the class for you.


The workshop focuses on how your mind affects your body during labour and includes practical hypnobirthing and mindfulness techniques, as well as enhanced understanding of the psychology of birth. We look at the experience of the birthing body and its perception of pain, why any apprehension and fear can make a difference to birth, the importance of the birth partners' role and why your body is remarkably designed to birth your baby. 

You’ll learn about how to take charge of your environment, wherever you chose to give birth, however you choose. We don’t advocate which way, we teach you to choose your way, with confidence.We teach mums who are having homebirths, mums who are having hospital births, mums who are having drug free births and mums who are having caesareans and everything in between. We will work towards a birth plan that is right for you & your circumstances. 

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Group classes run monthly in Northamptonshire and can be booked here


The classes are relaxed & informal with a personalised approach, even within group settings. You may be a first time mum, a mum who would like a different birth experience than you had previously or you may be wanting a refresher. With Mindful Mamma you will feel supported to trust your birthing instincts, let go of any fears or apprehensions so that you & your birth partner feel positive & prepared for birth & beyond. 


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